The results show that the classroom translation test has a high validity in terms of the score


With the China Myanmar pipeline, west east gas transmission second and third tier and liquefied natural gas ashore, a new round of transmission gas pipeline engineering construction for natural gas flow metering of the flowmeter is increasing. Only accurate verification of these flow meters to ensure accurate flow meter work, so that the transfer of natural gas in China is more fair. Natural gas flow meter verification station three level verification based, considering gas pipeline kinetic energy increase the impact on the flow, the establishment of natural gas in the test pipe flow pressure loss model, the MATLAB software is used to calculate different diameter gas flowmeter in verification of parameter variations, the verification process of solving the pressure difference and the verification process of uncertainty was calculated, in line with the requirements of China's natural gas scheduling.Class testing is widely used, but this kind of testing is a low risk test, the quality of which is often overlooked. The use of multi - faceted Rasch model can be used to collect evidence from various sources to verify the validity of the test, and thus to have a general understanding of the quality of the test. This study takes a classroom translation test as an example, from the score, the examinee, the task, the score standard and the scale and so on to collect the evidence to carry on the validity verification. The results show that the classroom translation test has a high validity in terms of the score, the task and the score criterion, but the validity of the candidates and the rating scale is relatively poor. Subsequently, the analysis of the deviation and the interview, to further understand the candidates answer process as well as the score on the score of the scale of the score, so as to improve the quality of the test.